December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

In Indonesia the custom is not to wish someone before the exact date - be it Christmas or Birthday. So I waited till midnight (don't be confused with the blog posting time -I need to fix it) and now wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Actually Christmas celebrations are pretty visible in Jakarta. Jakarta has about 9% Christians and almost all the shopping malls are decorated with colorful Christmas trees (pics will follow). You will hear the Christmas carols playing and in the Shenayan Plaza we saw live Christmas carol concert by some kids. This mall had a 75,000 IDR (8 Dollars) photo with live Santa facility. Seems most of it are marketing gimmick but I love the tolerance. It is being celebrated by people across religions. I never had the idea that Christmas is so lively celebrated in the largest Muslim majority democracy. Well I think its possible because its a democracy, not Theocracy.

Now lets party with this Bhangra remix of "Jingle Bell":


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