December 04, 2009

Cricketer Blogger

Today New Zealand cricket team was skittled out by Pakistan for 99. Had it been Bangladesh, we could have seen another relegation debate.

Jrod at Cricket with balls puts this nicely:
Their opening batsmen don’t seem to be able to survive an over.
The rest of their batsmen seem to hope Ross Taylor will do the job.
Then Prince Brendon and Dictator Dan have to make as many runs as they can with tired bowlers. Not fair. [..]

I suggest that all the Kiwi bowlers decide to not bat from here on in until their top order starts making runs. A simple, “fuck you guys, we’re tired”, will suffice. They’ll get the message after a while.

Ian O'Brian (test cricket’s greatest blogger but shit batsman according to Jrod)of New Zealand cricket team confesses in his blog:

Not good enough, simple as that.

The Pakistan bowlers bowled really well, and we nicked and missed the balls we should have missed and nicked.

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