March 15, 2010

Facebook In Asia - Indonesia leads

Here is an interesting statistics of Facebook users in Asia which has the latest figures.

(Image courtesy Budiputra, COuntry director Yahoo Indonesia)

An interesting comparison:
Indonesia 19 mill (8% of population)
Phillipines 10.5 mill (11.5% of population)

India 7 mill (.6% of pop)

Bangladesh 750000 (.5% of Pop)
The Bangladesh figure is  surprising as the number of active internet users are about 1 million.But one has to count the millions of Bangladeshi diaspora in question. I recon the half of the users are from the diaspora.


  1. <span>Excellent graph you have reprented here fpr face book users,but one thing i can't believe, in india it's visiter is only 0.58%!!!!!Thanks for the detais graph.Hope all can be very much interested for this graph. </span>

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