March 23, 2010

Is Bangladesh Becoming A Police State?

Some days ago I wrote about Drik's upcoming exhibition on cross fire or extra judicial killing by the police and RAB of Bangladesh. One could predict that the authorities might be reacting, especially when we have a precedence that the Tibet exhibition in Dhaka (also by Drik) was stopped by police.

Here are the Twitter messages by Shahidul Alam from Yesterday:

Mar 22nd 4:07 PM police at Drik. Demanding "Crossfire" show be stopped.

Mar 22nd 4:07 PMEarlier RAB media cell rang saying we needed special permission to show pictures related to RAB. Livestreaming at

The event was being inaugurated yesterday by Indian writer and human rights activist Mahasweta Devi, along with Nurul Kabir, editor of the New Age, M Hamid, chief executive officer of RTV and Jorge Vilacorta, a curator from Peru. According to the police the exhibition would create ‘unrest.’

The 'Crossfire' gallery was closed around 3:30pm yesterday, which was scheduled to start at 4:00pm.

Drik said that the Police could not show any warrant, court order or any executive order.

Shahidul Alam who set up the exhibition said," Police asked me whether I have permission for the exhibition. Crossfire for which police do not need permission, then why should I have permission for the exhibition?"

Now the question is what is the rule of law say? Does every exhibition require prior police permission? If so why the rule is applied in specific circumstances and not for all? And will RAB ever give permission if they are the guilty ones? Who will police the police? Is there any accountability of the police forces? Or is Bangladesh becoming a police state?


  1. www.netbugg.blogspot.comSaturday, March 27, 2010 6:43:00 AM

    Is Bangladesh becoming a police state?? It's really pretty late to ask this question.. BD has been a police state for a very long long time.. since the fall the Arshad goverment.. the police just don't givva damn about the laws n goverment.. they are like, they are the all in power goverment.. they can just arrest anybody for no reason, some even go to jail for no reason.. And the goverment thinks that they are doing their job to keep the country in peace.. But the shame is The Police depertment is most corrupt depertment in Bangladesh.. that's why not only you hate the police, everybody does. they are supposed to be frienly with people, serve the country. but they are being nightmare for the people and pushing the country to lawless "Police State"..

  2. This makes me very sad. I know this is off topic here, but your conclusion really got me thinking about it. I am so unaware of the rights I have under Bangladeshi law, that would enable to stand up against bullying of any kind, including from the police. Frankly, thats a little scary.

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