May 13, 2010

Goodbye Chile

The last ten days were an amazing experience for me in life. I have been one of the most exciting countries of South America, Chile. I am sorry I could not update the blog for many reasons. Twitter and facebook killed much of my time. And if you are following me on those you could get many updates.

During the Global Voices Summit we stayed at a hotel which had a great wifi service (and free). But as soon as all the laptop totting Global Voices people started to come in dozens their server crashed. And we had virtually no internet for the first week.

After the summit many GVers lodged in a great hostel called Che Lagarto which was cheap and fun. 6 of us shared one room in bunker beds - with clean sheets and quilts (what more do you expect with USD 10 a night?). They had also basic breakfast inclusive.

I have been to some places outside Santiago, and I will write about it soon.
Writing from an internet booth in Santiago airport. Bangla unicode sites are displayed here without any problem. Soon will start a long journey home (will reach Saturday evening).

Catch up with you later.


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