May 06, 2010

The Summit Has Started

Ok. Folks. I am in Santiago, Chile since last Monday. The first two days we had informal workshops to help the Rising Voices guys who will be presenting their projects in the summit. I have walked a bit in the town and went up to the hills of San Cristobal.

How can I describe Santiago (Chile) for you? Lots of stray dog and hot dog booths, fast food, lots of buses and Metros full of people, universities, fresh fruits, most beautiful Tomatoes I have ever seen. People are alive, bustling, showing love openly, speaking only in Spanish (I obviously failed in communication), gathering in a square to listen to an impromptu political speech by someone..

I thought I was going to blog everyday about it as the hotel had wifi. But we were so busy meeting all the gvers from different continents of the world who have come in these few days. From day before yesterday the wifi was wobbling and yesterday it completely broke down as many of the 100 gvers present were trying to log on at the same time.

(Image courtesy Kosmo Blog)

The summit starts in a few minutes. Those who could not make it can follow us from Santiago Chile using this url We will have live streaming videos.


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