May 06, 2010

Tweets About The Summit

ivonotes: RT @gvsummit2010: We are on twitter and on Yahoo meme . Remember to use the hashtag! #gv2010

akareilly: at #gvsummit2010 in Santiago Chile, learning about and meeting people responsible for citizen media around the world. #fb

drawab: Internet at #GV2010 suffering from 'hyperblogger degenerative syndrome' - too many bloggers hogging the net

latelyontime: #gv2010 In Chile, in 2009, 1 million twitter accounts were created in a population of 16 million, where 7 million are already on #FB Whoa!

sarahstandish: Chilean bloggers: Chileans are schizophrenic bc they are shy but also want to be famous. #gv2010

emjacobi: A shout out for @votainteligente, who are working to increase political participation in Chile. #GV2010

slazar: RT @EthanZ: Tax collection, returns in Chile is entirely online. Publish purchasing, procement online as well. Societal shift. #GV2010

eliaws: First panel at the #GV2010 in Santiago, focusing on citizen media initiatives in Chile. Very dynamic speakers (one has notes on a napkin)    

latelyontime: #gv2010 Brilliant formulation: Access as a perverse way of looking at the Digital Divide. I agree. Virtual standing ovation Abbagilati.

enda: Does "social media" came with the same responsibility with the "regular media"? #gv2010

mkarim: The Rise of Citizen Media: Chilean Social Media (summarised first session) #gv2010

netfreedom: 'Democracy Isn't Just A Tweet Away' something to keep in mind given session now at #gv2010

lemarietta: Enzo A:"Digital citizen is just a segment of the citizens." - something we always tend to forget. #gv2010 

giantpandinha: The language of civil society has changed via social networks. But info online continues to be top down says @fheusser #gv2010 

anelsona: Student from Valparaiso: "Today's youth talk about rights as citizens, but not duties. It's all about 'me.' How do we change?" #gv2010 


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