July 23, 2003

Are blogs written only for fame?

Recently I found Darren's site through Laura.

He is promoting the "underblogs", those who lacks exposer. I think almost everybody felt like this at the beginning 'I am sick of looking at my statistics counter and realising that I am almost the only person that reads what I write.' But there is always somebody like Darren who extends their helping hand. I think for me it was Dave who wrote me the first email and linked me to others. I hope I can carry over this generosity to someone else who needs it.

Now here comes the question in the title. Is lust for fame is one of the reasons for bloggers blooming everywhere?

Andy Warhol once said everyone is famous for 15 minutes, but in the case of a blog sometimes that 15-minute is too long. A blog's fame via a link can transform to infamy to others readers almost within a page view. Jeff Jarvis has aptly quoted 'Blogs, blogs everywhere, but not a good one to read'. Many blogs often get a wider audience than what they should frankly deserve.

So what does it take to make your blog make others interested? I think quality of content rather than quantity and quest for fame. Just like another media you ought to earn others' trust. People should understand that you are authentic and writing for a purpose. And whether the blog really represents yourself. You can be anonymous or with identity but it should reflect your personality.

I think I have already got my 15 minutes of fame. That shouldn't bug me. I should be blogging at my will as before. Even if infrequently, only for myself or to share with others when & what I feel like. That should be the spirit.

Update: Hooman has a great post called "Blogs' boom or bust".


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