July 03, 2003


There are two good posts put up recently. One in Pedram Moallemian's "The Eyeiranian" about the treatment of the first generation immigrants in US. The post is titled "First nation".

The other is in Hooman's blog about Michael Ledeen. He was national security adviser to the US president during 1982-1986, under secretary of political affairs at the U.S. State Department during 1982-1986, consultant at the Office of the Secretary of Defense during 1982-1986, and special adviser to the Secretary of State during 1981-1982. He is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to the Pentagon. He was widely criticised for his comments on Iran's democracy and the role of US. Specially for his address in the policy forum titled "Time to Focus on Iran - The Mother of Modern Terrorism". The post originated from Mr. Ledeen's comment in the eyeiranian site.

If internet & blogging weren't there do you believe comments like these would be posted? e.g. Hooman said:
We live in an extraordinary age when a prominent person like you and an ordinary guy like me can exchange ideas in the cyber space.
There is actually an interesting discussion with Michael Ledeen himself & Hooman. Go check it out.


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