July 15, 2003


Bangladesh is known to many as a land cursed with natural calamities. Being a Ganges delta in the bay of Bengal, with a close to sea level height and numerous riverines it is prone to flood & cylone. The people are used to deal with these threats. Many lives are wasted every year on the onslaught of these calamities.

This year Bangladesh is on the verge of another worse flood. Continuous rise of Ganges at all its points is threatening many riversides and millions are marooned already(reports The Daily Independent). A few days ago a marine transport vessel capsized due to strong current and swirls with its almost 1000 passengers in Meghna river near Chandpur. Only 120 bodies were recovered and the double-decker launch is still missing. Strong currents are preventing rescue workers from continuing the search. Let us pray for the deaprted souls and lets hope that the affected people have the courage to overcome this.

I have found some interesting lines in the googlism.
-natural calamity is always a tragedy
-natural calamity is the law of nature
-natural calamity is a central idiom of the media
-natural calamity is one that causes widespread loss of crops, people, shelters, infrastructures
-natural calamity is so serious that the state government does not have adequate funds to deal with it

No wonder why Bangaldesh is still called a poor country instead of all its potentiality to rise above.


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