April 27, 2004


* Shihab has some new posts after a long time. He shares the striking truth of his life:

I've always wondered how doctors can tell cancer patients exactly how long they have to live. But as it turns out, my own personal miracle worker (i.e. my doctor) has found out this wonderful piece of news for me. Turns out I have 12-24 months left. What an absolutely wonderful way to start a weekend, with the feeling that the sword that has been hanging above my head for about a year has now descended about a foot further towards me.

He realizes:

what is really important in life is not love, lust, envy, jealousy, greed or any other piddling emotion - what is really important in life is the ties and bonds and relationships you weave with people and how you keep (or don't keep) said bonds alive. Life truly is too precious and way too short to wrap it around some emotion or the other. What matters is friendship.

Read how he plans his short life and keeps his courage. I wish we could learn to approach life like him.

* Alhamedi, a Saudi, who has recently got famous from his "the religious policeman" blog writes a satirical biography of him. Being educated in UK & USA, he excel in the English language and critics the religious police in Saudi Arabia who are creating a rule of terror among the general Saudi citizens.

Some examples of his satirical writings:

In the UK I learnt to speak correctly, to be polite, and never to smile when making a joke. In the USA I learnt to misspell ;-), to question and challenge, and that people only get the respect they deserve.

I am a Muslim. I am also deeply religious...whatever we call Him, we all worship the same God, and he requires us to love one another. I am not going to kill you because you read from a different book.


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