April 17, 2004

The long way to Colombo

Day 5: April 16, 2004

The time has come to say goodbye to Nuwara Eliya. We started our journey down under towards Colombo. On the way we drove around the artificial Lake at Nuwara Eliya and the Golf Course, which is the finest 18 hole course in Asia. We had a view of the Sri Lanka�s highest mountain range (Pidurutalagala). 33 kms from Nuwara Eliya we stopped by St. Clairs & Devon water falls.

There were photo sessions. We bought a lot of finest quality (high grown) tea from a tea boutique at Devon Falls. At noon we approached Kitulgala to see the hanging bridge used in the filming of �The bridge at river Kwai�. We took a walk along the bridge (max 3 persons allowed as it sways a lot) and had pictures.

Nearby that place is the plantation restaurant, where we had lunch. Actually its on the banks of the river with a view of the bridge. The food was very spicy (Sri Lankan speciality).

We were on the road again towards Colombo and reached at around 3:30. There were site seeings and shopping stops for us as per program. On the way we saw a hindu and a Buddhist temple, The Bandarnaike memorial international conference hall, the new parliament house, the lake view. The cheapest and largest mall �The house of fashions� was closed. We were ushered into the costlier and chic malls like Arena, Odel and �the majestic city�. Everybody had something to buy. But we had to rush into the bus, as there were short stipulated times for the stops. Evening came quickly for us. At 7:30 we had dinner at Raja Bojuna, an Indian restaurant. The food was very spicy. We resorted to desserts to fill our stomach.

At 8:30 we went towards the Airport. We had some unfinished business and our farewells. But we were surprised to see that the Indian team had to check in through a different gate than me & Pawan. I finally got the chance to call home. There was much time before the flight, but there were lengthy proceedings which killed most of the time. At 1:35 AM we are on the air towards Bangkok.


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