April 08, 2004

Blogging in Bangla!

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Meet Debashish & Sukanya, who have really done a revolutionary work by starting blogging in bangla. In their Bangla blog, they have showed the step by step help on "how to start a bangla blog".

The main tweaking you have to do:
1) In your browser's encoding set the View-> Encoding to UTF-8.
2) Change the meta settings in your template
3) Install any of the Unicode compliant fonts (Likhan, Ani, Akaash & Sagar)
4) After you have installed the fonts, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Fonts in Internet Explorer. Choose any of the Bangla fonts.
5) Get latest version of usp10.dll file (uniscribe processor) and copy it to windows system.
6) You have to instal an editor which converts Bangla fonts to unicode and you have to paste it in your blog post.
7) You should have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher on your machine.

Happy blogging in Bangla. And don't forget to add it to the Bangla Blog directory.

Well I am doing some experiment on the above and my effort looks like this, which does not look promising. I am facing problem in transforming bangla text from editor to unicode 8 which is not at all convenient. I hope I can get the hang of it soon.

I have to thank Debashish & Sukanya for their great effort and achieving this breakthrough. Keep it up mates.


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