April 11, 2004


I am writing from Bangkok Airport. I started the journey with a hiccup. My cousin drove me to Airport. On the way the car charge indicator was flashing. So we stopped at a repair shop to fix the dynamo belt. We have lost 40 minutes but arrived at the Dhaka Airport before 1:30 hours before departure. The Thai flight was really smooth as silk. The type of service they boast of. It was punctual and the 2 hours journey ended in no time.

My Flight.

My neighbor in the flight was a gang of Sri Lankan under 14 Football players who were returning to their home country after competing in a tournament in Bangladesh. The boys looked pretty much tired when the flight started. But they got cheered up after their lunch. They were cajoling in Sinhalese with boyish behaviors. They were lively companions. I had a talk with one of them. They have enjoyed their stay in Bangladesh but are disappointed with their losses in 3 turnouts.

The Sri Lankan under 14 football team

I searched the whole Bangkok Airport for prepaid mobile SIM. Its not available inside the Airport. I bought an international calling card instead to call home.

Now I have to wait a couple of hours more for the flight to Sri Lanka. I have nothing to do except window-shopping. The internet is quite expensive here for me, Baht 75 ($2) for 15 minutes. Outside its only 1 Baht per minute. So staying online won�t be a good choice.

Signing off.


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