March 01, 2005


Aaaa..vruuu..Oow..Aaa...(Hello everyone). As a 5 month old I still can't talk in your language but don't think that I do not understand what people around me says. If the communications directed towards me seems favorable to me I always respond with a smile on my face. You can even make me giggle if you play with me a bit. Being a toddler is not always great. You would have understood the problem when you will spend the most of your time in a horizontal position. Getting tired of it I have discovered the backvision (moving the head towards the back rotating 180 degree and bending the body) to be informed about what's happening around me and the belly acrobat (heaving the belly up ) to indicate that I do not wish to lie in bed anymore. I really enjoy moving around the house vertically grabbing a collar of grandpa or clutching the neck of Ma. Don't worry, I have learnt to move in a circle and pretty soon I will be able to go to a distance on my own. Then I will not be dependent on others to move around.

You gotta admit that getting 7 vaccination shots in 3.5 months is really too much to ask for a person of my age. But my family members take good care of me. I have so far survived the winter season ( call that winter?) without catching cold. Now-a-days my diet has a bit of variation. Alongwith milk, I am served with my daily dose of water poached egg, fresh apple/banana crushed and fresh orange juice. But everybody knows that I will take those in a quantity which suits my mood. I am developing a taste of good and bad and I can immediately reject tasteless thing (Ma also approves what I can't eat must be tasteless).

I really like rhymes and songs. I listen to them attentively and respond well. The only time I get frustrated and fret is when I need sleep but can't go to sleep on my own.

Ma & Baba are always keen to take me out with them. But they have to leave me sometimes assuming that I do not adjust well in crowded situation. Take for an instance they took me to Tommy Miah's restaurant in Dhaka. Baba said that this guy is known as "curry king" and he even has pleased the queen of England with his cuisine. I was looking forward to tasting or atleast looking at his items. But as it was my sleeping time, being disturbed by all the curious guests and the restaurant employees , I got annoyed and cried my heart out almost the whole time. Well it wasn't my fault that Ma couldn't have enough time to eat bacuse those people just couldn't help squeezing my cheek, holding my hand etc. giving me lots of discomfort. To calm the ambience of the restaurant, Baba took me outside in the garden where some little deer were roaming around (without any shackles!). Naturally I got busy with them and forgot to cry. Seeing that I had became timid, Baba took me back to the restaurant. When we were entering, the over-enthusiastic restaurant manager came to me giggling and I just cried out loud in protest. Assuming that I did not want to enter the restaurant, I was kept outside all the time at my entourage's inconvenience and I had to solace myself only in hearing from others how good the food was.

But during my tour at the crowded book fair and couple of times at shopping malls I remained calm. Ma & Baba could notice it only recently that I am not afraid of crowds, but I do not fret when I am not being disturbed by others. If all the people could understood it easily!

fable: Hey passers by! Leave the toddlers alone.


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