April 16, 2005


Our good friend Daniel Brett was banned from commenting in the blog Harry's Place while defending the British Bangladeshi community from the relentless attacks by the pro-war & pro-blair individuals. According to Daniel, these people see the country's problems as a problem with Islam, conveniantly unrelated to issues relating to extreme poverty, ecological problems and lack of good governance. And they have only started paying attention to Bangladesh when British Bangladeshis turned their backs on Blair.

Daniel concludes in his eye opening post:

Bangladesh is not an Islamist culture or society and is not in danger of being "Talibanised", as alleged by Rupert Murdoch's "Far Eastern Economic Review". Bangladeshis died in their millions fighting the Islamist state of Pakistan to create a secular, sovereign and democratic state. Despite military coups, Bangladeshis are still wedded to the values on which their country was founded. Meanwhile, support for Islamist parties in the last elections was around 5% of the total vote.

Perhaps those at Harry's Place should visit Bangladesh and talk with ordinary Bangladeshis, instead of being led by their anti-Muslim prejudices.

Thank you Daniel for taking all the pain to defend .


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