April 12, 2005


* Greg Chappell or Dav Whatmore: who should be the next coach of Indian Cricket team?
Chappell want's the job, Dav refuted media speculations that he has already talked with Indian board regarding this. Experts say Dav would be the right choice for India. Bangladesh cricket board is optimistic about extending Dav's contract which ends this month.

* If they answer not to thy call walk alone: "Ekla Cholo re" is one of my favorite bengali song written by poet Rabindranath Tagore which is included in the soundtrack of the movie "Bose-the forgotten hero". I am looking forward to watching this one. (via Sen's spot)

* Does Muslims respect Jewish 10 commandments? Sadiq quotes quranic verses to show that they does as opposed to the gross misconception about Islam lying in the West.

* The garments building collapse in Bangladesh: Apparently faulty building materials not a boiler explosion caused the 9 storey building to collapse leaving 23 killed and 350 trapped. I pray for their early rescue.

What is remarkable is that I have found this article which citing the accident denounced the deplorable conditions of the Bangladesh Garments industries. The article is full of baseless facts with no specified source. Surely the intention of this writer is questionable.

The use of faulty building materials and un-authorized designs is a sad phenomenon of Bangladesh's house-building sector and the peril is there for everyone not only the garment factories housed in rented apartment spaces. The government is trying to control the grafts but should try harder after this incident.

As ready-made garments is the thrust export sector of Bangladesh, these negative propaganda should be dealt with by the authorities carefully. Losing a garments contract will not make the situation better; infact those poor people will loose their jobs puting them into further misery.


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