April 21, 2005


* The war against terror meme spreads in the games world also. SOCOM 3, an action-based video game designed for Sony PlayStation II, includes a mission in Bangladesh naming it as a militant country. This version is not yet released and expected to be on the selves in August 2005. Bangladesh has lodged an official complaint to Sony to remove its name. Ishtiaque has details. It seems it is not only a game after all.

* After all the fuss that Dave Whatmore is going to be the next Indian coach, he extends his contract with Bangladesh for another two years. It is a great victory for Bangladesh Cricket Board and I think his continuity will be an asset in development of Bangladesh cricket.

* Only in Bangladesh you can find an infant charged with rape and the mockery continued in the court.

* The Full Text of EU resolutions on Bangladesh taken on 14th of this month. The opposition Awami League has made issues out of it to pressurize the government. This sums up Bangladesh government's response.

* Bangladesh's music fraternity is mourning the death of the free lance sound engineer Mobin who died in a car crash. He was accompanying the local pop band BLACK on the way to Dhaka from Chittagong, where they performed a GIG, organised by GrameenPhone on their launch of djuice package. Indian idol starts Amit Sana & Rahul Saxena also performed in the same concert. Some of the BLACK members are still in the hospital with grave injuries. A note from Amit Sana about Bangladesh "I have heard that it is a muslim conservative country. But I see the crowds as free and lively as any Indian crowd".

* Panic(?) is spreading around the Globe because news claimed that Pope had links with the Nazi. World reactions on the election of new Pope Bendict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger).

* Yahoo mail in Bangla! Spooky! Good news is that localized Yahoo will be launched soon.


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