March 21, 2006


The weather is slowly getting better here in Berlin. One fine morning I woke up and heard a bird chirping. I took Rianna at the window to inspect the situation. In our backyards there are many trees and a nice childrens park covered in snow. The ice on the branches have melted and we saw a couple of doves in a branch. The sun came out that day. Yes Spring is coming. I sang a rhyme to her:
"Cuckoo, cuckoo
welcome thy sung.
Fresh breeze is blowing,
winter is going,
Spring time, Spring time
soon will be here"

She could only speak the words cuckoo, cuckoo and sang with me.

Last Sunday we took the S-Bahn for sight-seeing. There are special S-Bahn (Street trains) with panorama windows, which go around the street middle in a ring to cover many parts of the city and provide some extra ordinary scenarios. I am sure we will get more beautiful sight of the city in spring or in summer.

I am still awaiting the DSL connection. The modem has arrived last week but sadly the connection will be ready only early next week. There was one computer fair in Berlin this weekend. I went there and bought a couple of things including an used ISDN modem PCMCIA card for my notebook (without manual). Unfortunately the modem did not work probably because of the complicated configuration system. I was depressed because I had to pay Euro 20 for it. S advised me to try to return it on the following day. I was really glad that I could return it without any hassle. I tried a few wireless hotspots but found that I need a credit card to avail the expensive connection. Will explore them once I get my credit card.

I have visited the Freie University Berlin to look at the options of higher study. The University faculties are dispersed in a wide area and I had to look at the maps and walk for a long time to find the information counter. I have had other adventures in the meantime. Like trying different transport systems and getting back home without getting lost.

These three weeks were like a real holiday for me. No 9-5 work, no deadlines, no distress, no tensions. I could give more time to my kid. But holidays usually don't last long. I should be busy before I get bored.


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