March 31, 2006


The internet has evolved as a gateway to almost any information in the world. This fears some who want to dictate or suppress free flow of information. Now a day you are hearing about internet censorships, site bans, blacklists etc. But can you really censor internet?

Pakistani blogger KO dicusses the issue in the light of the recent ban of many websites by Pakistani government.
"Pakistan has 3 major internet links to the world, which consist of two submarine fiber optic links and a few satellite links. All of these are controlled by the Pakistan Internet Exchange, or PIE, which monitors all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic from Pakistan. The primary purpose of PIE is to filter content as the Government deems fit. A secondary purpose is to keep track of all incoming and outgoing e-mails, which by parliamentary order are kept for a period of at least 3 months."
And he provides the solution:
"if an address is blocked, than all you have to do is go through another, unblocked address. This computer is called a proxy server, and it acts as a man in the middle between you and the blocked computer. Any computer on the Internet can do the job of a proxy - so potentially, there are a billion ways of bypassing censorship!"
Read his informative article for details and many links to bypass censorship.


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