March 09, 2006


I guess this is the longest duration I have not updated my blog in last 3 years. I am typing from an Internet cafe and so far I had to cope with a lot of adjustments (like this is a slightly different keyboard and I had to ask how to type @). Reached Berlin a week ago. The journey was without trouble except for an episode in the Delhi airport. After a night's stopover at a hotel we were surprised to wait in line for 2:30 hours to check in for the flight to Frankfurt. Our luggage were booked directly to Berlin from Dhaka. But probably for security measures during the Bush visit in New Delhi, they kept us waiting to bring our luggage back from the left luggage department and carried out the security and the check in procedures again. Little Rianna protested a lot but somehow we could make it to the flight which was 1 hour late.

Germany greeted us with snow. We are slowly settling down in our new home in Berlin. Initially there were a lot of things to buy; groceries, crockeries, household goods and ofcourse a stairguard for the little Rianna which turned out to be expensive. S's colleagues at the embassy were extremely cordial and helpful in guiding us in every steps. But the past week was more like enjoying a holiday with the family in an isolated island. Still no TV, newspaper, radio or internet connection at home and life at times can be boring. There is seldom any news from home. We have missed all the excitements of the Bangla Bhai arrest. However Rianna had always kept us busy and smiling. It is hard for my mother-in-law to cope with the different atmosphere and crowd, who has termed our locality "Nijhum Puri" (barren land). We are missing people back at home. The phone calls often involved emotional outbursts.

Its snowing outside and the temparature is close to 0 degree . At nights the temparature goes below to minus 10 degrees. We get sunshine and the ice melts but it starts to snow gain and all is white again. But the good thing is we all are coping with the weather as the heating system in the house doesn't let us feel the difference. We have brought proper cloths to deal with the weather when we are outside.

The DSL internet connection will take minimum 2 weeks more(sigh). The first step was to open a bank account which is required for so many things. My notebook does not have ISDN modem so no luck with the dial-ups. I am getting wi-fi signals but don't know how to access it.

I am studying the maps to get to know the locality and the transport systems and to travel on my own. Will keep you posted. Auf Wiedersehen.


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