March 27, 2006


Had I not read the Germany survival guide, I would not have known about the distinctive German toilets.
"Just go into any German toilet and you'll find a fixture unlike any other in the world. It has a cute little porcelain platform for the shit to fall on so you can inspect it before it whirls off into the watery abyss, and there is, in fact, no water in the toilet until you flush it. As a result German toilets have the strongest shit smell of any toilets anywhere."
I don't know if this story is for real but our home in Berlin is furnished with perfect flush toilets. And to add a desi flavour, we have introduced flower watering cans.

For the desis who are accustomed to the squat toilet should not feel out of the world as this type of toilet is also used in many parts of the world including Greece and Italy. And those who are cynic about toilets, they can always go for Japanese hi-tech.


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