May 21, 2006


Rumi of Drishtipat wrote recently:

"After 15th August 1975, we lost one of the greatest assets of our natonal idenitity, i.e. our constitutional declaration of secularism.

30 years have passed since then.It seems like slowly we are getting used to our non-secular constitution. Nobody talks about it anymore. Dream of a secular Bangladesh is no longer promised in our political party meetings. It’s no longer a prominant election highlight. In last 30 years, as far as I can recall, no party has ever submitted a bill in our parliament in an attempt to bring secularism back in Bangladesh."

This news is looking like a beckoning light:

Leaders of the main opposition Awami League have promised that if voted to power in the next parliamentary elections, they would restore "secularism" as one of the four basic tenets of Bangladesh’s constitution.

However other leading news sources are yet to confirm this. Hope this is not another improbable election stunt as they did not try it in their last tenure in the late nineties.


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