May 11, 2006


After much controversy, Germany decided against a uniform citizenship examination (Der Spiegel):
In order to get a German passport, all immigrants have to pass a language exam, attend an "integration course," designed to provide newcomers with insight into the German constitution and values, and attend a citizenship ceremony at the end. As to whether immigrants have learned what it means to be German -- that will be up to the individual states to determine.
Now what does it mean to be German?

* Explain the term "Israel's right to existence".
* If someone described the Holocaust as a myth or fairytale, how would you respond?
* Explain the term "freedom of opinion and the press"

These above and 97 other questions a foreigner has to answer satisfactorily to prove he/she is a German before geting a German citizenship as proposed by the German state of Hesse.

You can take this test to see whether you are worthy of a German citizenship.

Update: Suggested answers for the Hesse citizenship test.


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