May 15, 2006


I got an email from Ragib Hasan, a PhD Student of Dept of Computer Science in the University of Illinois, USA about Bangla Wikipedia. Ragib is a regular contributor of the Bangladesh portion of Wikipedia since 2005. I knew that the Bangla Wikipedia initiative was taken earlier in 2005. But only recently the media campaign has been started in Bangladesh to make the open source Bangla Wikipedia a good quality, free encyclopedia (bishwakosh) available for everyone. Ragib says:

The Bn-wiki uses Unicode, so it is easy to incorporate Bangla text there, without the proprietary formats. Everything is html, browser independent.

The Bangla Wikipedia is in dire need of good quality regular contributors in Bangla. So if you want to contribute, please do not hesitate to join this initiative. In a recent interview in BBC Bengali's Click online on Bangla Wikipedia, Ragib said that Bangla Wikipedia can achieve 10,000 edits by the end of this Bangla year. I urge all interested Bengalis to help fulfill his dream and do something great for your mother tongue.

some related links are given here:

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* An yahoo group opened for Bangla Wikipedia.

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