May 15, 2006


Are you a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jews, Christian or a Sufi? We all have our excuses. But do we ever try to think beyond the limitations of our interpreted religions?

I am an ardent fan of Sadiq's writings. Unlikely for a postgraduate student of engineering, he is a seeker of truth and hovers constantly over mysticism and spirituality. Who else could answer the question in the title this way?

"I personally believe that all the Prophets and Teachers, namely Abraham, David, Moses, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon all of them) were teachers for the humanity. It is us (the so called followers) who divided their teachings, interpreted them as we wished for, divided human race into sects and groups over the generations.

I personally feel this truth that all the religion speak the same. We only need to open our heart to receive the Divine Wisdom that is inside all the message of all time."

Read in details. I wish more people could think like Sadiq. I wonder when people will be free from the barriers of religions they interpret.


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