November 27, 2006

Andrew Morris's Bangladesh Diary

If you are not reading the Bangladesh diaries of Andrew Morris then you are missing something. Welsh expat Andrew tries to see Bangladesh with his inner soul as he can go deep into the culture. Using his ability to assimilate and understand, he does not weigh a place or a person with a mindset built up from another culture and infrastructure.

In his latest diary entry he hails the family bonds and hospitality of the Bangladeshis:

" important people are here to each other - and who knows, perhaps this talent for humanity, the respect for family and openness to receiving relatives are all different facets of the same diamond.

This jewel has, in many other countries, already become a museum piece. In a darkened room, crowds of open-mouthed onlookers surround the glass case, gazing in silence at the spot-lit gem, trying in vain to remember what it once represented."

So if you have the mindset of Bangladesh being the next Afghanistan, a country traumatized with political violence and corruption, or simply a majority Muslim country with problems associated with the ideologies then you should read 'Morris the Pen'. You will find the story behind a story or perception and in the end you know a bit more about true Bangladesh.


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