November 30, 2006

Take back Bangladesh launched

Zafar Sobhan, assistant editor of the Daily Star introduces the new initiative Take Back Bangladesh. In an article in the Daily Star he writes:

"Young people, especially, are fed up with the current (political) stalemate. Take Back Bangladesh would like to provide a platform for the millions of people in the country who are caught up in this no man's land, who can see clearly that the election is being set to be rigged, and are disgusted by this, but who are equally turned off by the blockade programs as well.

Take Back Bangladesh's first initiative is an open concert in the Robindro Shorobor open air amphitheatre, Road no. 7, Dhanmondi (close to the bridge). It promises to be an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon If nothing else, listening to artists such as Black or Bappa Majumdar or any of the rest of the star-studded line-up is always worthwhile."

The Star Weekend Magazine also published an interview of Nazim Farhan Chowdhury, a prominent personality and a prolific blogger to discuss more about the Take Back Bangladesh effort.

So if you are in Dhaka and disgusted by the current situation, please show solidarity. Be there.


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