November 07, 2006

Bangladesh Blog Buzz

Here are the latest buzz from blogs on Bangladesh:

* Diaspora: Zubaer in Drishtipat blog gives an insight into the Bangladeshi Diaspora worldwide and how their remittances are contributing to Bangladesh's economy.

Ulysses at Back to Bangladesh, an NRB himself had decided to return to Bangladesh despite many apprehensions and discusses why Bangladesh needs them badly.

However, Rajputro shares a story of disappointment where a talented NRB was refused a job in the Dhaka University.

* Politics: Nazzina of a nikonian's blog dissects Nobel laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus's recent speech giving advice to the president and chief adviser of the caretaker government on how to tackle the current political situation in Bangladesh.

* Media: Niraj slams the international media accusing that every time a political disturbance occurs in Bangladesh they try to prove that Islamists are going to take control and turn Bangladesh into Afghanistan. He explains why Bangladesh is not going Islamic.

* Tour: Rumi of Drishtipat blog takes us to a virtual tour of Dhaka with Google Earth.

* Photographs: Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, well known as city of mosques, rickshaws and fine muslins has many historical architectures. Ershad tries to keep a visual record of Dhaka city through photographs in his blog 'Dhaka'.

Back to Bangladesh also posts a couple of thematic picture series from Bangladesh: 'Kids Waiting for Eid' and the ubiquitous 'Foochka (Panipuri) stands'.

* Cycling: Back to Bangladesh has some bicycling tips for Dhaka.

* Architecture: Shafiur of imperfect world|2006 introduces an website of an architect of Dhaka.

* Violence: Jakarta Casual depicts the acid attacks on women in Bangladesh and how the society is tackling this issue.

* Child labor: Andrew Morris of Morris the Pen discusses a different class of child labor in Bangladesh, the domestic helps.

* Interview: Naeem Mohaiemen interviews Shahidul Alam, a renowned media activist and director of the award-winning Drik Picture Library (


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