November 23, 2006

Internet revolution

The Washington Post has published a report showing that after the Cellular phone revolution, internet has reached the villagers of Bangladesh. The country now has about 16 million cellphone subscribers (2 million new users each month) with network covering the remotest parts compared with just 1 million land-line phones (whose network covers mainly in urban areas) to serve a population of nearly 150 million people. After tapping those remote village consumers operators are now promoting internet access via cellphone.

And cell-phone linked computers will soon revolutionize the rural villages of Bangladesh. Now villagers are able to use internet to search specialist doctors, use VOIP and web cameras to communicate with relatives abroad or enabling a expatriate father to see his news born, students can check national exam results online without waiting for newspapers next day, and one unique feature, weddings are being conducted using video conference.

Read the article here.


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