January 12, 2007

Bangladesh political crisis in the eyes of the bloggers

Mark Oliver of the Guardian News Blog writes an informative report featuring Bangladeshi Bloggers:

Blogs provide light in Bangladesh's political night

Some excerpts:

Amid the chaos, the government has been cracking down on media freedoms - but some Bangladeshi bloggers have not been cowed. They have been commenting on events, such as the state of emergency that was declared yesterday and the postponement of the planned January 22 election.

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This recognition shows that at the time of crisis bloggers can be a source of information to many.

I was surprised to hear that my relatives in Bangladesh without internet access did not know about what was happening as the TV News was banned. And they were more driven by humors surrounding them. Whereas we were getting useful information from the two news sites www.bdnews24.com and www.dhakanewsroom.com . In addition Bangla blogging platform "Bandh Bhanger Awaaj" and the group blog Drishtipat were buzzing with fresh information, reactions and analysis from bloggers and commenters.

I only wish more and more people from Bangladesh could blog and make their voices heard. They could eventually be a catalyst in the political process. I only wish the Bangladeshi political parties had their blogs where they could be more interactive with their supporters. Will we see the day soon?


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