January 11, 2007

Separation of judiciary: The prime requirement

From the latest whirlwind dismantling of the status quo in Bangladesh politics, one this has become certain that there is an international pressure and no one is ready to accept any illegitimate government taking power. I often wonder if there were some partisan executives in the government, how come the whole system is backing them up. Today in his speech Iajuddin tried to break free from his partisan cocoon. He slammed all politicians for bringing the country to this position. His advisers resigned protesting his decision. The army did not want to jeopardize their reputation for the peace keeping missions. He bowed to all these pressures.

However there are apprehensions that it is not over as he is still the president holding the supreme power including the military. The good thing is that the nation will not be going through a farcical one-sided election with majority of the parties boycotting.

Now the first thing we need is the separation of the judiciary. There has been a battle with the court with the government to implement it. But the political government was not ready to give away their power, which they can misuse at their will. The cases against president Ershad are evidence of such exploitation.

Is Bangladesh seeing a beacon of light? Only time will tell.


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