January 12, 2007

Press embargo goes

The private TV channels in Dhaka have started broadcasting News again. It seems that the embargo on press was done by the controversial Mokhles Rahman Chowdhury, BNP leaned adviser to the President. The Daily Star has details:

"Soon after the declaration of a state of emergency Thursday night, Mokhles unilaterally called all private television channels and radio stations and issued a verbal order to immediately stop broadcasting of all news bulletins and political talk shows.

He also slapped a ban on newspapers from publishing news or cartoons criticising the government.

When Editor of The Daily Star Mahfuz Anam queried President Iajuddin Ahmed yesterday about the ban, the president said he was unaware of any such move and that if any such move has taken place it had been made without his knowledge."

He was removed today but he claims that he resigned. It should be investigated why and under whose direction he has fooled the nation.


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