January 03, 2007

Flawed Justice

The hanging of Saddam Hossain, and the timing of the event (on the Eid day) was not well taken by many in the world. Only a few might have thought that the butcher of the Kurds should have awarded any other justice than this, but even the most open minded ones raised questions about the whole trial process and the way Iraq is heading today.

Shahidul Alam, an award winning photo-journalist from Bangladesh wrote an elegy:

I can kill any Muslim
Any day I choose
It’s all for the cause of freedom
I can kill any Muslim
Wherever I choose
It is cause we’re a peace lovin’ nation

So we egged him on
When he attacked Kuwait
And the trial may have been harried
So we supplied him arms
To gas the Kurds
With him dead, that’s one story buried

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He comments:

...despite his atrocities, Saddam will be remembered for his defiance. The butcher of the Kurds will go down in history as a victim of flawed justice. The guns are now clearly turned against Iran, but the Saudi rulers, as well as the Egyptians and the Jordanians would do well to ponder, “Who is next?”

Mash also comments:

By some estimates, this new Iraq has already cost over 650,000 lives. Those numbers suggest that the thugs that rule Iraq today are far outpacing the deaths caused by Saddam Hussein’s regime. By comparison, Saddam looks good. This is a fine legacy for George W Bush and his war of choice.

The truth will be out some day (or will it ever be?); and for the Iraqi people, I wish their nightmare ends really soon.


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