September 23, 2008

Almost no improvement

The Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) report-2008 has been published today and Bangladesh slipped down to the 10th position from below with a score of 2.1.

Last year, Bangladesh was in the 7th position with a score of 2.

So there is no major change in the score and position although the caretaker (interim) government had taken measures against corruption including establishing charges against the most corrupt politicians. Many politicians arrested (with faulty procedures) on charges of corruptions are now getting bails and will be ready for the election and possibly next tenure(s) for more power and corruption.

The chief of Police recently said that the proposed new police ordinance (for reforming the police department) is yet to be enacted due to lack of political will. (

Except string political will corruption can never be reduced in Bangladesh.


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