September 07, 2008

Young and audacious

Do you remember what remarkable thing you did when you were 21? The website of elite security forces of Bangladesh -Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) was hacked by a 21 year old was accessed on last Friday and the website displayed: 'Hacked by Shahee_Mirza'. After defacing the site the proud hacker claimed:
The government does not take any step for ICT development but passed a law about anti-cyber crime. You do not know what the cyber security is or how to protect yourself.

Listen, hackers are not criminal. They are 10 times better than your (RAB) experts. We are genius beyond your imagination.

Image by Ahmed Bauani

Apparently this young man tried to infect RAB site before with virus an probably succeeded. But he forgot that the web archives a lot of activities on the net and by a simple search many information can be found and he was courteous (read stupid) enough to leave his name, email and even mobile phone no.

The inevitable happened. reported that Shahee was arrested with three of his friends yesterday. He has admitted to hack many other sites which he already boasted in many of the forums.

Now what this episode teaches us is that the ICT policy of the government need to be rethought. They should concentrate on security issues. What Shahee did was wrong but he should not be treated as criminal as he did it to warn them> I suppose he did not have destructive intentions, otherwise he would have hidden his id.

Some bloggers are suggesting that Shahee's talent can be used by the security forces for government interest and security.


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