September 26, 2008

Google Map maker launched for Bangladesh

Google Lat Long Blog reports that Google Map Maker has been launched in Bangladesh and in seventeen more countries.

Google Map Maker is a new service, provided by Google, designed to expand the breadth of the service currently offered by Google Maps. In some countries mapping data is unavailable, and so to combat this problem Google has decided to open up Google Maps to a collaborative community effort in certain territories.

Using the find or browse tools, contributors are able to add to and edit existing features on the map. Three kinds of drawing tools are available: placemark (a single point of interest on the map), line (for drawing roads, railways, rivers, and the like) and polygon (for defining boundaries and borders, adding parks, lakes and other large features) (wikipedia)

Please check the YouTube channel for Google Map Maker for more.

So all the Bangladeshi netizens out there please contribute to enrich Google Map of your locality.


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