March 03, 2009

Behind the BDR massacre

The BDR massacre has been done with outside help is being more prominent each day. There is the evidence of a grey colored pickup which brought the ammunition to kill the officers via gate no. 5. Many mutineers escaped through that gate which was not properly sealed and speedboats were used for the escape.

Here is a telling photo (thanks Asif) taken on 25th of February during the standoff:
Notice that the uniform shirt is half tucked out. His hair is long and he has no boots but pure old fashioned sandal shoes. Isn't he an outsider? That is why they were wearing masks, to hide their identity from the fellow mutineers.

Another relief is that only 6 more officers are missing instead of 71 after accounting for all personnel.

Breaking News:

According to the Daily Independent:
Law enforcing agencies recovered a huge quantity of firearms and ammunition including around two lakh rounds of bullets of different kinds of firearms, 623 rifles, 220 SMG, 16 LMG, 111 RGES grenades and 36 pistols from inside the BDR Headquarters at Peelkhana in the capital abandoned by the fleeing BDR troops after the Feb 25 bloody massacre.

Meanwhile, the intelligence unit of the BDR named Rifles Security Unit (RSU) might have been involved in the BDR carnage, an army official said.

"The RSU members were forced to involved in the carnage or they deliberately took part in the carnage, as a huge quantity of firearms and ammunition of them and others were recovered from the rooms of RSU jawans," he said.

"As per the rules none could allow to keep his firearms and ammunition at their rooms," he said. "The RSU jawans not only kept their arms but also firearms of others, which proved their involvement in the massacre," he said.

"The jawans of the RSU might have been involved in the attack as all of the five or six officials of the intelligence wing might have been killed as they protested the incident," he said.
More news:
Another mystery over the presence of two foreign nationals, a female and a male, inside the BDR headquarters was yet to be unfolded.

Witnesses say foreign nationals Tang Yunpeng, 30, and Xang Zhaoua, 28, came out of the BDR Headquarters in the afternoon on February 26.


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