March 24, 2009

Digital presence of the South Asian leaders

Prime Minister's Office
BBC published a review of the websites of the South Asian head of states. The Bangladeshi, Bhutanese and Maldives leaders' sites have scored 7 out of 10 which should be way better. The rest fared badly including a disappointment of the Indian Prime minister's site which displays "best viewed in IE 5 or above".

Read the article here.

The concluding comments from Keith Black, senior web consultant of Turboweb Limited - a UK-based company which designs websites around the world for politicians and businesses:
It's interesting that given the technological know-how in South Asia in general and in India in particular, all of these sites - although impressive - are not nearly as good as they could be. Nearly all of them do not utilise modern day browsers, resulting in large chunks of empty space - and none of them seem to contain video. This might be because politicians in the area have yet to realise the importance of the internet as a way of communicating with their people. At the moment I would say all these site are two to three years behind Europe and the US, but bearing in mind how fast the region is developing that is unlikely to remain the case for long.


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