March 01, 2009

Latest News from Dhaka



The Indian press is all over Salahuddin Qader Chowdhury.

Times of India:
The preliminary interrogation of some of the rebels has thrown up the name of Salauddin Qadeer Chowdhury, a well-known shipping magnate and reportedly very close to the Pakistan military-intelligence complex and the opposition BNP. According to sources monitoring the situation, about one crore taka has already changed hands to help the mutiny along.
Indian Express:
The interrogation reports, which include one Subedar Major Zafar, point the finger of suspicion to BNP MP and known businessman Salahuddin Qader Chowdhury, who has several cases of graft against him.

According to information coming from Dhaka to New Delhi, some BDR personnel have confirmed that a sum of 1 crore Takas was provided as initial amount after a meeting three days before the mutiny. The idea, sources said, was to fuel latent anger among BDR personnel with the hope that a killing of this sort would indeed provoke a strong Army reaction.
However Mr. Chowdhury refuted these claims as propaganda.

The Daily Star reveals from eyewitness that BDR jawans were forced to join the mutiny:
“At around 10:00am on Wednesday I heard an announcement through loudspeakers that the Jawans staying inside their residences instead of taking part in the mutiny will be killed,”
Lt. Colonel Kamruzzaman reveals in Shamokal:
Field agents of intelligence agencies were involved in this. They knew everything.


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