March 11, 2009

Sale Of Nomination

Khaleda Ask 5 Cr Taka Bribe
Son of a senior BNP leader (Tanvir Ahmed Siddiki) Irad Ahmed Siddiki has alleged that BNP chief Khaleda Zia sought Tk 5 crore from him in return for the Dhaka mayoral ticket from the party.

"She asked me if I had enough money. She asked for Tk 5 crore for election (expenses). But I am no (Mosaddek Ali) Falu or (Mirza) Abbas," Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiqui told a news conference Monday in Dhaka. (BDNews24)
No wonder BNP will now grill both Siddikies. This is the sad state of Bangladeshi politics where able candidates are not nominated but positions are sold only to pave way for future corruption. Because candidates see this as an investment.


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