November 24, 2003


Eid holidays are starting from Tuesday to Thursday followed by weekly holiday Friday in Bangladesh. Offices, Banks etc. will all be closed except some emergency services. The shops would be open till the Eid day which is Wednesday (most likely but subject to moon sightings). But the good things about living in Dhaka, the capital during the holidays is that the streets are deserted no jams. It is a megacity and almost 8 million people live here. During the Eid holidays almost 5 million people go back to their native villages or towns where some of their families live. It is a trend, which causes many problems like transportation crisis and highway accidents during the holidays.
People are on the move as they cram onto buses, trains and ferries to be with their families and friends for Eid al-Fitr Festival. The festivities have more to do with culture and sense of togetherness than to religious activities. Being able to enjoy the holidays with all the family members is a unique pleasure the Bangladeshis share.

I will probably use my holiday in some housekeeping to start with. That day I was surprised with the pile of shopping bags that are to be discarded. I abhor such consumptions and yet my family is guilty of it. There is also some mails(credit card statements etc.) to be sorted and discarded/recorded. I wish I could be out of the town enjoying holidays somewhere. But this time (like many more) I can't for some personal reasons. Hope to read some books and engage in family affairs mostly. Blogging would be intermittent.


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