November 14, 2003


Wouldn�t life be so wonderful without any obstacles? How nice it would be if each day were smooth and carefree without a trouble or problem to pool us down.

And when we are down with loads of obstacles, fearing to go forward, we look for God. Only in time of our needs and despair we want God to help us out. But why not think in the other way?

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. Life without obstacles is very boring. We wouldn�t be strong & solid if we were not put to test. So do not fret and fume. Do not have a nervous breakdown. Do not ask God for deliverance from the problem. Thank God instead for giving us the strength to tackle the problems. By learning to take things in our stride, by persevering, we are growing strong and resolute, tough & hardy, solid & sturdy. And backed by this powerful strength we can accomplish achievements beyond our expectations.

Start welcoming obstacles from today.


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