November 21, 2003


I was watching the news coverage of the Istanbul blasts yesterday and was horrified with the scenes. These are the most dreadful images of the recent times that I have scenes. Such destruction, such infliction of wounds, bloody faces, disfigured bodies... really was unbearable to watch. These images kept me haunted for the day. I still can't think of those. The 9/11 images were much of shock and disbelieve. But the scenes of Istanbul blasts and plights of innocent people were simply hurting me.

There was also images from the big rally in London where more than 150,000 people took part. Many of the people have never protested before. They felt that they had to do something in this critical situation. Some of these peoples' reactions on these blasts "These are the consequence of the War in Afghanistan & in Iraq. Had US & UK not attacked those countries, there would not have been these many attacks on British and US targets and innocent people would not lose their lives."

Bush & Blair was giving their usual condemnation speech and same sentences of fighting terrorism as before. But what did they do to capture Laden and uproot Al-Qaida? They were created by US. So why they can't be found & destroyed. How many lives would it take to stop the terrorism and hatred?

The recent figures tell that the US forces killed in the first three months of occupation of Iraq has outnumbered the loss of US soldiers in Vietnam in three years.

Who is to take the blame? Where is justice? What can people of the world do? And if you are still sitting in front of the screen not moved by these images in Istanbul, in Jerusalem, in Baghdad, in Bali, in NY, and you do not feel an urge to ask many questions then you are a living dead.


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