November 10, 2003

Whatmore on what Bangladesh Cricket Team needs more to win

Andrew Miller, the Wisden journalist had an interview with Bangladesh's Australian coach Dav Whatmore and talked about the challenging yet rewarding task of turning Bangladesh into a competitive Test nation.

Dav Thinks:

About the skill level of players: The skill level's there. But it's not the skills that are holding them back. It's other attributes, such as fitness, nutrition and general knowledge of the game. But most importantly, it's the tough mental attitude needed to perform under stressful periods. The team hasn't won anything in recent years, so there are more stressful situations for them than there are for other sides.

How many more defeats can Bangladesh take? Whatever it takes. There's no short-term fix. We can't bring back some older guys, some harder nuts, to win one match and then what? I reckon we can win tomorrow, but that's not the right way to go about it.

About the first one-dayer in Chittagong against England: I will say that the previous games have been a terrific upward curve. This one is a downer for sure. But I can also say, in my experience, anyone trying to get anywhere in life, it's never a straight line. This defeat can only be judged in time. To judge it now would be unfair and far too early.

That recent one-wicket defeat at Multan. Was it encouraging or shattering? We'd built ourselves up to believe we could win, and so when we didn't, that was when it really hurt. I was particularly upset, because we should have won.

But to get so close, did it give you the belief that you can do that again? Yeah, I think so. But I've detected a negativity in the team about playing at home. Instead of being lifted by the energy of the crowd, they seem to fear them. Every member of the public is itching for the team to get ahead.

About Bangladesh Team's future: I honestly believe I can make a difference, so that's why I'm here. I've got plenty of support from a great support team, and we've just got to keep working for that right formula. It's not just about one win, but really cementing the foundations for something big in the future.


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