November 20, 2003

The third force in Bangladesh Politics

A third platform of Bangladesh Politics is emerging from January -reports The Daily Janakantha.

Eminent politians like Dr. Kamal Hosain, Dr. AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury (ex president), Sheikh Razzaq Ali (Former Speaker) and some intellectuals of the civic society are said to be organising the platform. This platform is deemed to create some mobilization into the Bangladesh politics which is stagnant due to political acrimonies between the ruling party alliance and the opposition party.

This is a good sign and another hint of hope among the Bangladeshi people who want to see some educated, honest and respectable personalities coming into politics and take the country on the path of progress.

But this news has not been taken by the existing political parties lightly. There have been reports of govt. intelligence people covering the people behind the new proposed platform. But why should they fear or resist the emergence of a new political party? Do they have anything to hide? Are they afraid that their misdeeds would be exposed? Are they concerned that the easy and legal source of earning millions would stop? If the existing political parties believe in democracy, and if they practice democracy as they claim to do, then they should rather welcome such moves by senior and competent citizens.

Another political party would strengthen the process of making democracy the ideal method of governance in this country. The general people will certainly welcome the new political party where educated people with good social background are likely to lead the country in right path.


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