March 09, 2004


1) Laura has this wonderful post about the motivations she gets for helping others. Truly notable.

2) Faramin writes on "International Womens' Day" showing the grim figures about how women have been and are still being treated in this world. He points to this striking truth:

In order to see how terrible this (the atrocities against women) is, we all have to remember that our mothers are all women.

3) Jivha tries to discover why & how more & more Indian actors/actresses are turning politicians. One such actress turned politician's agenda:

I am going to tell the rich people to have more kids.

4) Dave asks for "Liberty & Justice for all". With all, he means people of all religions, races. His views:

In our country Islamic citizens are treated with anything but equality. They are viewed with suspicion and distrust. Few try to communicate with them or understand them...we want everyone to get along in the middle east. We just don't want to get along in the U.S. We stick our noses in everywhere it doesn't belong, like our neighbors bedrooms.

I pledge allegiance to the flag...and to the republic for which it nation...indivisible..with liberty and justice for all. If you can't be broad minded enough to treat your fellow citizens with courtesy and civility then don't call yourself a patriotic American in front of me. We are a multi cultured society now, whether you like it or not. Homogenizing the country may not be necessary or wise, but living side by side is not an option, it is reality.

You immigrants who have come here and become citizens, congratulations and welcome to the show. You are no longer Lilliputians, you are American's now. if you wish to be welcomed into this country's society you need to make some attempt to blend in. To fail at this is viewed as a snub of your new country's culture. There is nothing wrong with pride for your homeland, but if you are planning to stay here, then treat this like an adopted homeland. Learn about us and take the information home with you. Teach us about your homeland and act as an ambassador from your country would. That's it.

Fair enough!


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