March 01, 2004


Prominent editor Mahfuz Anam writes how Bangladesh govt. is becoming more repressive towards the opposition.

Some examples:

* The leader of opposition, Sheikh Hasina barred from going inside the Cantonment.
* Ex President Ershad and leader of Jatyio Party barred from going abroad, without prior notice.
* The home minister brazenly misrepresented facts in parliament about the attack on Dr Kamal's motorcade, saying that it was the latter's own people and he said it while an investigation is pending.
* Phones are tapped, income tax files recalled, people investigated and surveillance is ordered against the opposition activists.

Mr. Anam ironically points out:

Let us recall that of all the enormous executive power of the US president, Nixon fell on the rather small issue of wire-tapping of a few delegates to the Democratic Party convention at the Watergate complex in Washington DC in the late sixties and early seventies.

He concludes :

Khaleda's repressive measures are not going to solve the political crisis and only take us towards greater strife and erosion of democracy will be inevitable.

True indeed. I think the govt. should show some maturity and wit in dealing with the opposition. There is really no need for these kind of repression. Only hooligans want to show their power by showing these kind of behavior against their rival. The elected leaders (both ruling and opposition) should show proper manners in their activities.


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