March 04, 2004

Shiite attacks

I got pretty depressed day before yesterday when I was watching the footage of the massacre of about 150 people in Iraq and 50 people in Pakistan. I don't believe that any sane persons would do this.

Tim Blair thinks if fundamentalists can't kill infidel westerners overseas so they are killing Muslims in the Middle East. He wants to know the "root cause" that these Muslims should blame for their deaths.

According to this news, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Iran's vice president for legal and parliamentary affairs thinks that it is an war on Islam and:

The reactionary al-Qaida terror group reached a conclusion ... that they have two enemies: the United States as the political enemy and Shiites as the ideological enemy.

Iraqi blogger Ali says:

They (these attacks) are terrorist crimes meant to stop or at least hinder the democratic changes and progress in Iraq, taking different ways each time selecting the most vulnerable and most (rewarding) target. There are still 2 types of violence: resistance (killing coalition forces) and terrorism (killing Iraqis).

We should not only be satisfied with condemnation of these killings. Its really everybody's fight against fundamentalist's terror. And we should also be careful about the biased media who distort the real facts to blame it to others. Iraqi Blogger Ayes says:

do you know what Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiah said ? They said that the bombs are from mortars or an ARTILLERY�! And they said who has the artillery in Iraq? Yes the American army�... nonsense.. I hit the ceiling when I heard that.. Damn� Damn .. I want to bomb those two channels..


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