March 14, 2004


Spaniards took the street of Madrid by millions last friday to protest the train bombings (aka 3/11) that killed 199 peoples. They have showed that they are not afraid of the terrorists.

They chanted amidst the rain:

"Cowards!", "Assassins!", "No to Terror", "Today Our Tears Reach Heaven.", "Who and Why?" and aptly "Send the terrorists to the firing squad!"

I believe that if people rise and protest every evil deed of the terrorists, the govt and the international community is bound to take prompt and right actions. It is the time when people really should take the streets to protest any violence, dominance, hatred and exploitation etc. by the terrorists or any evil force; whether it is in Dhaka, or Tehran or Newyork. This is required to show their courage and to let the terrorists know that people are not afraid.

Source: Powerline Blog.


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